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December 6th, 2012

So a year or so ago, I was piloting a large automobile filled with a number of my friends from Southern to Northern California to attend the wedding of a friend of ours.  I don't know how it started, but somehow we got into a pun war based on the names of automobile makes and models.  Puns included such horrible things as "I think we all need to be Civic minded about this" and "Are you sure we can't come to an Accord on these terrible jokes" and "Volt the hell are you people joking about" and even stuff like "Miata kick some of you guys asses for these puns" and of course some real stretchers like "If you people want to go Carolla-ing I guess we can, but come on" and even worse, like "Ford-y love of God, please stop."

Anyway, eventually the car grew silent, since everybody had run out of terrible puns.  The car was silent for a minute, then two minutes, then three minutes.  Then I, like an idiot, assuming the pun war was over, looked to the west and observed some natural beauty.  "That's so gorgeous," I said.  "It looks like there is a blanket laid over the hills like on a sleeping baby."

The car remained silent again for another 15 seconds and then erupted.  "WHAT?!?!"  "What was that one supposed to be!?!?!?"

It took me a good 5 minutes to convince them all that I'd been genuine.

So you see, you must also master the pun dismount.  When one is done punning... one must actually, you know, say so.