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Untold power in my fingers

Apparently I should shut the hell up about the Padres. Since my little paean to them they've lost 5 games in a row. So, uh, I take it back! They're terrible! They suck! Boo!


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Dec. 2nd, 2010 07:26 pm (UTC)
just to let you know we to recieved a letter saying we had won money in a lottery we did not enter.we were deveasted to realize it was s scam. my husband is disabled and he's on oxygen 24 seven., i have lost my job. unemployment has run out.didn't know where the next dollar was gonna come from. but thank god for you and letter about this scam. we are sur glad we did'nt go the bank with this check.one last thing. i did call mr. coleman and let him know he was a worthless. gave me peace of mind and will warn other's.. thank you.
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