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Old Made Not New, Just Yet

The problems of the not-actually-very-rich: We rather suddenly inherited several generations of silver service pieces, coming down to me as the only child of an only child of a child of a small family whose patriarch did *just fine* during the Depression, and apparently used "those tough economic times" to pick up some deals.

Much of it is pure silver, in many cases, but it's also, like... you know... pure silver serving trays. Whee? We don't really want to try to impress our guests with silver serving dishes and fine china, so... uh... it's a bit unclear as to what to do with it all. Get it appraised, I suppose, and so I am not complaining, I am just not sure what to actually *do* with this stuff.

I can't imagine serving on it - nothing will suck the heat out of your food like silver can - pretty as it is, it's the heat-transferringist metal around, so if you want your guests to enjoy your food warm, instead of being impressed at how rich you are, you're way better off with plain ol' crockery.

I hope somebody wants this stuff, but... maybe it's better if it's just melted down for the silver. It might do a lot more good than what it's been doing sitting in my grandmother's cabinet for the past 30 years.

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