<electroboy> even soft rock is about boning
 <bitterpants> everything is about boning
<electroboy> tonight i celebrate my love for you = boning
<scottydont> meet you all the way, rosanna: meet you in bonertown
<electroboy> can't get enough of your love = really want to bone you again soon
 <Osomatic> "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" = I'd like to hold other parts of you as well
<scottydont> I keep forgettin' : I keep forgetting that you won't have sex with me anymore
<electroboy>you are my sunshine = i will be unhappy if i am no longer able to bone you
 <Ajax-> Wanna dress you up in my love: want to first undress you and then act as replacement clothing
<bitterpants> sanatarium: i'd like to bone you in a sanatarium
<Ajax-> Please Please Me = please "please me."
<Osomatic> Dust in the wind = We'll be dead soon, so we should get to boning
<bitterpants> Louie Louie: please sleep with me, louie.
 <electroboy> do you really want to hurt me = don't you really want to bone me
<scottydont> Africa: I want to bone you in Africa, or, I would like to bone people from Africa
<bitterpants> Good Morning Little Schoolgirl: yeah lets not go there mkay
<patientf1x> Pearl necklace = Let's just say I don't want to give you a jewelry
<Osomatic> Take on me = Take me in
<scottydont> Private Eyes - If you won't bone me, may I watch you bone other people?
<electroboy> girls just wanna have fun = girls just wanna get boned
<bitterpants> i know what boys like: it's boning.
<Osomatic> Turning Japanese = Since I can't bone you, I'll just take care of business myself
<patientf1x> Seventeen = Hello, my name's Chris Hansen, why don't you have a seat over there?
<electroboy> she bop = see above
<Osomatic> Hit me baby one more time = See you in a few years, boys
<scottydont> Manic Monday: Sunday is preferable to Monday, because that's boning day.
<patientf1x> Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto = Hello, vibrator.
<Osomatic> Whip It = Enjoy S&M!  ...well, actually, it's Devo, so really this song could have been about ANYTHING.

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