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Enjoy your services, jerks

We got *killed* on taxes. Again.

LiveJournal Demands Remuneration

I just paid 25 dollars to entertain you all for another year. So goddammit, be ENTERTAINED. I expect to hear at least 25 dollars worth of accolades, praise, and diverse encomiums.

...not NOW. Over the next year.
I would advise against doing any business with Chase Manhattan bank, and especially against getting a credit card from them. No matter what rate they promise you, I assure you that they will continually raise it.

I've gotten these promises from them. And I've been doing business with them for 19 years, have never missed or been late on a payment in NINETEEN FUCKING YEARS, have been such a good customer that my credit limit has gone from the initial $500 to over $20,000... and yet they've still seen fit to slowly jack up the interest rate on my card to 21.99%. Over the past few years I've never owed them enough that it was a big deal (high balance=$4,342), so I only noticed it a few months ago when they sent me a brochure explaining how I could keep from getting interest rate increases, which was apparently filled with LIES. Because even though at that time my rate was under 20 percent, it's still gone up despite my making quite regular payments.

I'm keeping their goddamned card, but for no other reason than my credit rating - having a long-standing relationship helps, and also having 20 grand in unused credit helps too. But only catastrophe will ever make me charge anything on it ever again. It will forevermore be a piece of plastic that sits in my "important documents" drawer and almost never sees the light of day.

Oh, and my balance is -0.40 and has been for the past two months. I wonder, if they keep my 40 cents for long enough, can I sue them for the forty cents plus 22% interest? I'd like to. It wouldn't make me any money, but it'd still be fun. I'm sure there's something in the fine print that prevents doing so, the fuckers of pigs.

Anyway, the upshot is: Don't do any business with Chase Visa, Chase Mastercard, or Chase Manhattan Bank. No matter how long of a relationship you've had with Chase, they will still fuck you over if they think they can squeeze a few more bucks out of you.

Free money!

I just got a 1% reduction on the APR rate of my student loan for being such a nice guy because the government wants to help encourage education Sallie Mae thinks I'm cute for paying on time for a few years now.  If I'd known the money was going to get this cheap, I'd have taken out WAY more loans and put it into investments or something.  Ah well, hindsight is what they call it when you look out of your ass 20/20.  Nevertheless, woohoo!

The Yearly Kvetch

I beg your indulgence for the following short paragraph, concerning taxes and what must be done by those of us who do things properly yadda yadda yadda:


Thank you, that is all for this year. See you around January/February-ish of next year.
So... my teeth, they're mostly good, but there are a few problems. Without going into too much detail about various fixes needed, a pressing problem was that one of my wisdom teeth had some serious decay.

My dentist seems to have a policy of trying to save the natural teeth. He spent about 700 dollars of my money trying to save one of my wisdom teeth (and had plans to spend another 800 on that tooth and 175 on another wisdom tooth) without ever even mentioning that it could be pulled - or, in fact, that all four of them could be pulled, for only about 850 dollars. By my addition, he was going to spend at least 2000 on fixing up my wisdom teeth, without mentioning that they could be pulled for the aforementioned 850.

(Yes, I do have dental insurance, but it has a $2000 yearly limit. I maxed it out earlier this year. At this point it's all my money.)

My question is this: I will be asking for some of that money back. But how much? I really feel like he never bothered to tell me - until the point that it became obvious that I would have needed an even more expensive root canal (about $1200) - that just getting rid of my stupid wisdom teeth was even an option. I sort of feel like I was financing his philosophy of trying to save all the natural teeth. I guess I'm supposed to feel happy that he stopped before going through with the fuckin' root canal, yet somehow I am not.

So, but what do I ask for? If it was a car mechanic, I'd say "I'll pay for the parts but not the labor." But I have no idea what the materials in dentistry cost. Maybe I ask for the labor cost back, but there's also the labor of the dental assistant. So what do I ask for?

Here's the breakdown on the costs that I was given, if it helps any:

Gingivectomy, Per Tooth (Tooth 32): 251.00
X-ray, Periapical - First Film: 30.00
Excision, Hyperplastic Tissue: 295.00
Pulp Cap - Indirect Tooth 32: 135.00

I guess what I'm asking here is, what do you think should make me happy? A credit of $251.00? $295.00? Whatever 251 plus 295 is?

To be fair to the dentist, he showed me the x-rays and did a great job of explaining why I needed done what I needed done. I don't think he was doing unnecessary work. I just wish he'd thought to mention that it would have been much cheaper (and much less painful!) to simply have my wisdom teeth removed.

So, at long last, we get to the question: How much, in your opinion, ought I to ask for here, if anything? What if he says "I'll give you 75 dollars off future work." Should I shake his hand and say "seeya, asshole?"

My mom says she has a great dentist who works with the insurance company to make it affordable, so I do have the option of going somewhere else if that is what you think is the best bet. But I still owe this guy money, so: Just how much is not being well-enough educated on the options worth in this case?


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