December 26th, 2007

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My Right Arm, It Is As Of Jello

So... I'm not going to tell you that a Wii is better than sex. Because that would be stupid. Nothing is better than sex, at least in my experience, and that's counting perfectly cooked, rare, dry aged, prime beef, served sizzling in butter.

However, we had the same reactions, I think, as most people do upon first having sex:

1. We wanted MORE, immediately.
2. We were a bit sore, having used muscles we normally wouldn't use.
4. We wondered why someone didn't tell us about this a long time ago. Then realized that people *did* tell us about this a long time ago, but we didn't believe them.
5. We feel as if we can strut amongst our friends. We'll *know*, you know, whether others of our friends *really* have Wiis; and we'll know which of them are just pretending. (A tiny wince when raising the dominant arm is one of the signs. Not the only sign, of course. But I'm not going to tell you Wiivirgins the way to *really* tell.)

Um, heh. It's a really, really, really fun thing. And at the moment we've only got the game it comes with. How bad is it going to be when we've got more games?