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It came from #predicate, the SMS edition

Edited to remove extraneous conversation.

<novaheat> Dear god. The local news is currently reporting on the scourge of "textual harassment."

<novaheat> First it was "sexting," now this!

<bitterpants> novaheat: soon we'll be onto "texting"

<bitterpants> then there's exting, breaking up via text messages

<bitterpants> mexting, where mexicans text

<novaheat> Wrexting, where you try to get people to crash their cars?

<novaheat> And hexting, of course.

<Osomatic> Soon, you'll be able to order new glasses or contacts using your mobile phone. Specsting.

<Osomatic> Sending a message to your dog: Rexting.

<Osomatic> Or about your weightlifting routine: Flexting.

<patientfox> parsing source code files via SMS: lexting.


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Jul. 1st, 2010 08:13 am (UTC)
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