OK Boomer

So there's been a lot of generational talk lately.  It's not all entirely wrong, I think — obviously different folks who grew up in different times experience the world and the culture at large differently. You only need to see one or two memes on Facebook about how "We grew up drinking from the hose and with no seat belts and swallowing lead paint and IT SEEMS LIKE WE'RE FINE!" to get that. 

If there had been memes for previous generations, they might have been like "We grew up being kinda okay with fascists until it turned out that wasn't okay any more and then we killed the shit out of them and they killed the shit out of us and IT SEEMS LIKE WE'RE FINE!" 

Most folks don't know that a lot of this was invented by two historians who have gone on to be shitty business consultants making a lot of money off their theory. In their book, "Millenials" was supposed to be the name for the generation born *after* 2000. Also, they called Gen X "Thirteeners" based on an idea that my generation was the thirteenth American generation and also that we'd be all "yeah, man, we're supes unlucky... number 13."  Some names stick, some really don't.

I guess the upshot is don't listen to any stupid marketing or business bros and instead treat humans like humans. This is literally the most simplistic stupid thing ever and I can't believe I'm typing it but well, here I am doing it: People are people, much like yourself. Treat them as you would like to be treated. 


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