Brilliant Product Idea

I  want my front door lock to unlock when I'm within a certain proximity, like with some cars.

Obviously this is immediately problematic — what if I were to leave my proximity key near the door?  Well let me tell you, I have got an answer for you and an answer for a few other objections: The door lock should only scan a radius of a few feet in front of it and be shielded from scanning anywhere else. I bet that's not as complicated as it sounds, he said, assuming something he probably couldn't.

I hear your objections and I can answer at least one of them! What if somebody steals your door key and gets into your house, you say?  Well, yes, that would be terrible, but even now somebody could steal your physical door key and get into your house. They'd have to know which house it is, though, same as now, right? Unless they knew which house it was or they stole it from you on your porch, so.... pretty much same deal as we have now, right?

Also, if you are one of those people who lives somewhere that nobody locks their doors, then okay, fine, you win, spare us your wonderfulness and the utter delightfulness of every single one of your perfect neighbors.


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