My wife always loved having a little kid. She was super enamored of the cuteness, and, well, who could blame her? This kid was super, super cute. (Still is!) But me, I was always looking forward to the later years, being able to talk to our child as something more of, well, not exactly equals, but as a person who I wasn't necessarily controlling but just hoping to guide, or at least talk through things with. Not an adult, necessarily, but maybe someone who was, let's say... approaching adulthood.

Things changed in the growing up process. The biggest change being that the person we thought was a he turned out to be a she. But she's also really cool, and willing to sit around and chat with her dad about high school, and getting in trouble, and friends, and drugs, and even just some silly jokes. I like this kid a lot, you guys, and I swear to you that it is not only because she's my kid — she's genuinely pretty darn cool and fun to have a chat with.


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