How do traditions get made?

The answer is simple:  Start making them. It's really easy to start them. The hard part is to keep doing them until they actually become traditions. For my immediate and chosen family, one tradition has turned out to be easy as long as we all have some money and vacation hours, and that is the annual Disney trip.  It's also proved to be flexible, as it seems too many folks discovered our week-after-Thanksgiving plan — so this year we went in early February. 

Alas, it did mean that one of our favorite rides, Haunted Mansion, was down for major renovations (to the point where they had it wrapped in a giant, um, wrap), but there were compensations:  For our tenth year, we participated in something special, something that I have low-key always wanted to do:  Eating at Blue Bayou and getting to watch the Caribbean Pirate boats go by. Sadly our table was about as far away from the edge of the water as it was possible to be, but we could still just barely see them, and that was nice. And the food was better than the food you'd get in the rest of the joint too.... unless you got into Club 33, but maybe that's a goal for the 20th anniversary.  Heh.


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