Oh, those interests

I just reviewed my interests and found many of them terribly embarrassing. Ay yi yi.  Anyway here is the current list, please let me know if any of this is terrible and should be removed...

Other than Dave Attell — I know, he's such a dickhead but at least I don't think he's an evil dickhead.

calvin and hobbes, christopher moore, cooking, dave attell, david foster wallace, dogs, e.e. cummings, evolution, family guy, firefly, food, frank lloyd wright, frozen banana stand, futurama, gaelic storm, generations, geography, get fuzzy, good eats, greg behrendt, jimi hendrix, king taco, lamplighters, larchmont village, led zeppelin, los angeles, mark twain, marx brothers, meat, mitch hedberg, mst3k, niblet, predicate, princess bride, public transportation, raymond chandler, ripperology, saint bernards, san diego, san diego padres, sausage, skeptic, smashing pumpkins, steven brust, stevie ray vaughn, sweet bears, terry pratchett, the 80s, the amazing race, the daily show, the simpsons, the sopranos, the straight dope, the tick, the vandals, transmetropolitan, underworld, urban geography, urban planning, weebl and bob, whiskey, zankou chicken


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